We’re Pet Sitters and Much, Much More!

Something that you may not realize about Manitowoc Pet Sitters is that when you hire us, we not only treat your pets as our own, we also take care of your home.  Let’s face it – in Wisconsin, we live in the land of extremes.  Not only do we have some of the coldest winters in the United States, we also get some hot days, extreme down pours of rain, etc.

Actually, I think those of us in Manitowoc County had one of the worst winters in 2013 – 2014 that we’ve had in like forever!  As a result, we ran into more home issues this past winter than we had with animal health care, meaning the homes we visited were breaking down left and right while, thankfully, their furry inhabitants were happy and content.  For instance, we dealt with a furnace that broke down with animals in the house.  To make sure the pets inside remained happy and healthy despite the lack of heat in their home, we stayed with the cats until the furnace was fixed.  We wrapped them up in blankets and stayed with them while a contractor repaired the furnace.  We don’t charge our clients extra for this type of stuff because it is simply part of what we do.

When you hire us to watch your pets, we do much, much more than “just” ensure that they are fed and exercised.  We tend to not just your pets, we watch over and care for your home as well.

If I remember right, we had snow earlier than usual this past year.  Because inclement weather arrived before most of us were prepared for it, we had clients who did not anticipate having to arrange snow plow services during the times they were scheduled to be out of town, but that wasn’t an issue for us, them or their pets.  Why?  Well, we got someone to come over to shovel walkways and plow driveways to maintain our clients’ properties and guarantee that we’d be able to get their pets to the vet in the event that a medical emergency occurred.

In another instance, we had to deal with a leaking furnace.  We acted quickly and had the furnace repaired before an emergency situation developed, but things like this should make you think about who is caring for your home when you are away.  Even if you choose to board your pets at a kennel while you are traveling, things can still go awry at your residence and you need to make arrangements for someone to handle them during your absence.

Remember:  basements flood in the spring and summer in our state.  While we haven’t had to deal with this particular issue yet, we are prepared to handle situations as dire as flooding on behalf of our clients.  We have to be because we not only treat your pets as if they are our own while you are out of town, we take care of your home like we tend to your home as if it were our own, too.

What I’m trying to say is that when you hire Manitowoc Pet Sitters, you are hiring more than “just” a pet sitter.  When you hire us, you are hiring people who will provide attentive care for your pets AND your home.  We don’t charge additional fees when we have to make arrangements for something to be repaired at your home while you are away.  Instead, handling these sorts of issues are simply part of what we do as pet sitters.

As an animal lover, home owner and occasional traveler, I thought it was important for you to know about the services truly professional pet sitters provide and demonstrate that pet sitters do so much more than what our job titles imply.  At least, that’s the case with Manitowoc Pet Sitters!